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Dream Event for Every Motorcyclist Enthusiast

Cologne is a city that suits everyone’s needs and that is why it is becoming a hugely popular tourist city. From numerous cafes to the uncountable pubs, the city is filled with numerous options for entertainment that one could enjoy with an elegant Escort Cologne. However, there is one event that has become the heartbeat of the city when it comes to entertainment and innovation. The event is none other than the Intermot which is an international motorcycle, scooter, and e-bike exhibition and fair. The event is very much anticipated in Cologne as it is held every two years. The event took birth in 1998 from the former premier bicycle trade show IFMA. The show has gone on to establish itself as a leading motorcycle show that has attracted motor enthusiasts from all over the world. The show has become the second-largest motorcycle show in the world after the renowned EICMA which is hosted in Milan. The popularity of the event is due to the innovation brought by the organizers as the show reflects a wide range of products for bikes along with many important accessories and clothing range that varies from helmets to shoes along with protective clothing that consists of glasses and gloves. The main aim of the Intermot is to provide every retailer and end-user with a chance to get a closer look at the innovative products combined with the special shows and numerous exhibitions. Apart from exhibiting various products, the exhibition is also renowned for hosting spectacular outdoor events which consist of stunts being performed by professionals along with drag racing. Visitors can also take part in these events if they want to showcase their skills in front of the whole world. If you have what it takes, sign up for the stunts or drag racing as it will be a perfect chance to experience the thrill as well as making an impression on your European escort. The event has become a one-stop place for many exhibitors to endorse their services and products to the customers as well as making a move to establish themselves in a relatively new market to generate extra revenue. The visitors are also in for a look into the future as the Intermot Fair Cologne is a trade event which focuses on how to work efficiently and effectively with the existing technologies as well as they review the latest trends that have developed in the manufacturing department that affect the industry in a positive or negative way. Such is the importance of the Intermot Cologne fair show in the world that is regarded as one of the most influential points of international trade business while it is also serving as one of the biggest global sources of income and promotion of main suppliers and big companies. Many companies have benefitted from this event as it allows them to interact and communicate with their already established and new clients. This allows them to take the feedback of their products as well as solving the issue of any visitor to give a hint of how strong and responsive their customer support service is. There is also no restriction on the exhibitors on how many products they could display which has allowed many suppliers to exhibit the complete range of their portfolio. If you are a supplier looking to capture the market, then this fair is your chance to strike gold in the manufacturing field while if you are attending the fair as a visitor with your sugar baby, then utilize the even to make useful contacts with important personalities of the companies working in the industry.


What Went Down in The Previous Event

Held every two years, the latest Intermot Fair Cologne was held in 2018 during the month of October. The 6-day event was one of the biggest events held in Cologne as it invited more than 1000 exhibitors from all over the world whereas more than 200000 visitors were in attendance. Such was the craze of the event that all the stalls were booked heavily in advance and there is no surprise that the event coincided with the bloom of motorcycle manufacturing industry of Germany. The event was full of big companies such as Yamaha giving out information about their latest products. The event was enjoyed by everyone in attendance especially those who were there with a beautiful adult companion as the event also consisted of a bar and restaurant to make the visitors feel at ease.

The Future of Intermot Fair Cologne 2020 in this Pandemic

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic that has gripped the entire world, many events were wither canceled or postponed considering the magnitude of the event. After heavy consultation with all the stakeholders and sponsors of the event, the German Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM) has decided with a heavy heart to postponed the Intermot Fair Cologne 2020. Despite many events and trade fairs taking place in Germany after the country eased its lockdown and opened itself for events, the organizers of Intermot Fair Cologne 2020 do not want to take risks as people from all over the world come to attend this prestigious event. Another reason for this was the limited space available to the event which did not fulfill the requirements of the SOPs that were published by the German authorities. Interaction and communication have been the key to the success of this event and without both of them involved due to Covid-19, the essential essence of the fair will be missing which will make it a dull affair. However, the organizers don’t want to disappoint everyone and that is why they are planning to move towards a digital format by building a communication platform for the entire motorcycle community. Moreover, the event has been postponed until 2022 which allows everybody involved in this fair a substantial amount of time for preparation and to make it even grander than it was before. If you have already booked your tickets to Cologne, don’t cancel them as you could visit numerous places in Cologne and have fun with your exotic escort before visiting the beautiful cultural capital of Germany in 2022.


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