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The City of Entertainment

There is no better place to visit in Germany than the largest city on the Rhine, Cologne. The city is home to more than 1 million inhabitants who are considered as the most cheerful and fun-loving residents in the country. Many even believe that entertainment was born in Cologne. A big city at the heart of the renowned Rhine River. The city is also considered as the cultural capital of Germany as it is said to have more than 2,000 years of history. During the time of the Romans, Cologne was in control of a province with the Romans filling the city with churches and the incredible Romano-Germanic Museum. This is a city with something for everyone as you will numerous museums here to learn about the modern and ancient history while you could also go out to have a wild night with the beautiful Escort Cologne in a city that has the ratio of most pubs per person in the German nation. It would be an amazing location for you if you are a person who enjoys having cuisines of different cultures as Cologne is full of places offering mouthwatering dishes that are delicious little chunks of delight. The city is known to have more than 1,000 restaurants, 11 of them starred, while the city is also home to numerous pubs and cafes. The tasty food that the city offers along with its finest traditional beer will prove to be a luxurious culinary experience for you which will be made more special by the presence of an elegant escort model. The hearty Rhenish cuisine will enhance your taste buds as the high quality of foods never drop here and the chance to eat so many cuisines all at once is a magnificent opportunity. But there is one more thing for which the city is known for which tops every culinary experience. Every foodie celebrates the event as their Christmas with multiple options to eat from and chances to meet more foodies like you. The event we are talking about is the Gourmet Festival hosted by Cologne every year and in this write-up, we will discuss what happened in the previous festival and what can we expect from this year’s event. What makes this event so special is the par0 that apart from the food on display, the organizers welcome everyone with open arms making it a unique festival, beloved by all.


What happened in 2019

The Gourmet Festival of Cologne conducted in 2019 was the fifth edition of the event which was held from 3rd to 13th October which was organized by one of the big names in the economic sector of Cologne. The perfect blend of numerous gourmet deals and restaurants with the big names of the food and traveling industry made this event one of the most successful held in Germany last year. The aim of last year’s event was simple. Invite all the foodies in one place and treat them to amazing dishes from all over Germany while it also gave many cooks a chance to flaunt their culinary skills on such a big scale. It comes as no surprise that the event has paved the way for development and welcomed changes in the landscape of the city’s cuisine scene. After this event, Cologne saw a significant growth of cooks and innovative restaurants which enhanced its already lush cuisine scene. The event was also credited for welcoming numerous foodies from all over the world as everyone got to see the beautiful city of Cologne in an enjoyable way. The event was described by many as a perfect reflection of the enjoyment an individual receives from cooking, eating, and drinking. The street food festival fulfilled its promise of an extraordinary culinary experience which graced the taste buds of many visitors through a variety of cuisines, that too, at the heart of Cologne. The event lasted for 10 days which allowed many visitors to explore the city in the best way by acquiring the companionship of a beautiful European escort.

What Can We Expect from Gourmet Festival Cologne 2020

This year edition will be the sixth edition of the renowned festival and it will be that time of the year where every winegrower along with restaurants and independent chefs gather to present their delicious art in front of the food enthusiasts, delicatessens, and artisans, as well as numerous top restaurateurs, will show their products and skills relating to the Chocolate Museum directly on the Rhine, in the immediate vicinity of Cologne’s famous old town. The festival is also known as “Festival of Delights” is expected to host more visitors than they welcomed last year which was roughly 47,000 visitors. The exhibition will also be more than 100 exhibitors this time offering a wide selection of mouthwatering dishes. It does not matter if you like to feast upon fish or if you are a vegan, there are a lot of opportunities to eat whatever you like in this festival which has made it the most anticipated event of the year. The event was also described by many as the best way to have fun with a beautiful erotic sex companion as it is seen as the best getaway from the daily life struggles and routine to have a magical week in the city of Cologne. This shows that even this year the organizers and exhibitors are determined to make this event a grand affair where you can treat your taste buds while having a good time with your girlfriend for the night. However, there is one bad news. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s edition of the Gourmet Festival, which was supposed to occur in July, was postponed. Yet the organizers are trying to find a date in which the situation will be calmed and they are also working on a plan to conduct the event in a healthy and safe way so foodies could attend their favorite event of the year without risking their health.

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