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Let The Fun Begin in Cologne

The CCXP COLOGNE is one of the most anticipated events of the year. The event has become synonymous with the beautiful city of Cologne just like the elegant and sophisticated Escort Cologne. What makes this event so special for the locals and foreigners in Cologne is that it presents them a chance to meet and greet their star artists and entertainers from Hollywood and the rest of the world. Everyone has a favorite superhero, be it, batman or superman, we have all wished to meet them in our life. CCXP COLOGNE gives its visitors a chance to dress up as their beloved superhero and also get a chance to meet him. The glamourous event will feature superstars of the film and comic industry along with the memorable cosplay events and competition which you can take part in with your local escort. Moreover, the visitors are thoroughly entertained through the perfect combination of various board games and marathon of movies and series. In this write-up, we will discuss why you should visit CCXP COLOGNE at least once in your lifetime and what are the highlights of CCXP COLOGNE Comic-Con Experience 2020.



Reasons to Attend CCXP COLOGNE

Let’s start by talking about the XXXL cinema which you can witness in this magnificent event. There are little or no places in the world which offer a wholesome experience of watching a movie with your adult companion like the thunder theater of the event which is considered as one of the biggest cinema of the world. Apart from living performances by one of the celebrated names in the film and comic world, you will also get to watch exclusive teasers and premier of many movies on a huge screen which has led to many people calling the experience an epic one. Furthermore, this CCXP COLOGNE presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the directors and actors of your favorite movies and series along with critically acclaimed artists of the bestselling comics. Attend their exciting panel discussions with your role play escort to cap off a perfect evening. CCXP COLOGNE is also known for the renowned Artists’ Alley. The place is filled with the best comic artists and famous illustrators from which you could get an autograph, take selfies, ask interesting questions, or even get your hands on their exclusive work. No event allows you and your date to be this person with the people that you idolize. You are in for a treat if you are a cosplayer because CCXP COLOGNE has everything to make your event memorable. You will be provided with changing rooms which will include mirrors and lockers for you to get dresses as your favorite character. Moreover, you will also be provided with a repair service so you don’t miss a chance to show everyone your cosplay. What will make your cosplay experience extraordinary will be the presence of numerous live role players and fan groups who will create an environment full of characters from a different world? Another reason which has attracted many people to Cologne for the famous comic con experience is the Medieval Market. It is the home of the Live-Action Role-Playing scene where you can experience how life was during the 1300s. Be the brave knight with your classy escort lady by your side as you go through the hustle and bustle of the medieval market. The CCXP COLOGNE also gives you a chance to interact with people who share the same passion as you for movies and comics which will add to your already memorable experience.

Highlights of the CCXP COLOGNE Comic-Con Experience 2020

The event of 2020 wants to be more epic and extraordinary and we will tell you about the highlights of the event which will make it even grander than it was before. In this year’s event, you along with your beautiful sex model will witness the exclusive content as the event will premier many never been seen before trailers of upcoming movies and much-anticipated series along with the screening of many unreleased movies and special content. This event will also serve as a source for the latest news in the film and comic industry so you will get the juiciest gossips first hand. Since the event has been inviting renowned film stars and comic artists, expect many big names this year, as well as the Thunder Theatre, will host exciting panel discussion giving you details about the character and as well as the life of the stars and artists. The event of 2019 was attended by renowned actors such as Benedict Wong from the avengers and Zachary Levi of Shazam. Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Mark Pellegrino of the Supernatural were also in attendance as they answered questions of many exciting and thrilled fans and this time the organizers promise to invite more stars. Before we go ahead, we would like to convey an important piece of information. To enter the Thunder Theater, you and your GFE escort will require an age wristband. Since both of you are above 18, you will have to get the red colored wristband as the organizers use the wristband to filter the audience according to the content on display. Another highlight of this year’s event will be the Ultra Stage, the second-largest stage of CCXP COLOGNE Comic-Con Experience 2020. Here you will get to experience the world of Geek culture combined with many highlights from cinema and TV that is complemented by the entertaining panel which is a perfect blend of many comic artists and stars. At this year’s CCXP COLOGNE, you will get to witness epic battles between your favorite heroes and their arch nemesis on paper which will be conducted by your favorite artists. Furthermore, merchandise will also be on a grander scale this time so you could buy loads of exclusive work by many national and international artists. You can also get an autograph on your favorite work of art by your idols as well. Never in the history of the world has cosplay been celebrated on a larger scale so don’t miss this opportunity and be a part of this magical experience with an escort with a pretty face!

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